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31 March 2010

Sweet Chocolatee

I consider myself a fairly bright person.  For the most part.
I’m pretty good with money.   I’ve got a handful of street smarts and you don’t have to tell me ten times how to get something done.
Ok, maybe eight.

However when it comes to movies or magic, I am the greatest (and most clueless) audience of all-time.
I am amazed by everything, while figuring out nothing.
The big reveal in The Crying Game.... I wouldn’t have seen it coming if it had slapped me in the face.
I’ve been writing this blog for exactly three months, posted more than 60 entries and it wasn’t until tonight that I figured out that I am part of a cult.
A good cult, but a cult.
My cult is called, THE BLOGOSPHERE.
It’s a group, a large group, of people who have decided that it is time for their voice to be heard, even if you don’t really know who is listening.
In my case, I decided to write a blog about my new career -- unemployment.
I really didn’t expect anybody to read it, except for the handful of friends that I bombarded with links.
That was until Henry & Nicolas jumped in.
Thanks to them, my story was told at and La Presse Newspaper in Canada.
Since then, I have had more than 50,000 hits.  Fif-tee Thou-sand hits! 

I realize to some of my blogging brethren, that number is just a blip, but to me, it’s a miracle.
I can’t even count the number of supportive notes that I have received.  
Actually, I can count them, since I saved them all, but you get the cliche.
Well, here’s the real point.
There is a wonderful person named Anne-Marie, who writes a French blog titled Montreal Chocolatee (
I believe I have already properly documented the extent of my extremely limited French vocabulary, but thanks to the amazing Google Translate feature, I was able to read her beautiful blog today.
What I wasn’t able to do was read it without tearing up.
The subject was moi.   I mean, me.
She even posted her version of the “I Believe In Bacon” t-shirt.   Due in stores in 2015.
Anne-Marie and I have never met and probably never will, but thanks to this beautiful cult of ours, we are now able to follow each other on Twitter.
That’s what us cult members do, we follow.
I hope you are able to read her entire blog, which can be found at the link listed above, but if not, here are the Cliff Notes.

  • I must say it is a blog as we do not read every day. Sir Bacon has a feather of truth sometimes unsettling. His adventures are told in a captivating, touching, and sincere way, whether with his professional approaches, with his children or his mother, whose condition worsens.
  • I suggest everyone to go for a ride on the blog, be it for a minute or an hour, as was the case for me. The writing of Sir Bacon hung me from the beginning, I could not stick to reading a single ticket. 

Now I’m guessing the translation was not perfect, but thanks to Google Translate, you get the point.

And to me the point is this...
Honestly, between my unemployment and problems with my mom, I am going through the worst stretch of my life.  
It really doesn’t take a whole lot of support to give me a boost.
But what I got today from Anne-Marie was a whole lot of support.
And it feels great.
In any language.
Now if I can only figure out what Montreal Chocolatee means. 


Anonymous said...

Sir Bacon,

Keep writing...and who knows someday you'll publish this to become the author of a best seller titled 'My unemployed Journey'...a soul touching, light hearted chronicle of a laid-off TV producer.

By the way, Have you read Tuesdays with Morrie? By Mitch was a best seller too. My dad and I are big fans of the book. In fact, anytime i'm upset, one read through the book reminds me there are many things in life that are make it worth living and savoring every moment...

Also, don't know if it's in my place to say this....but I just feel the old background was more viewer-friendly...


Rukmani, India

Sir Bacon said...


It is always your place... Thank you for the feedback.

I switched over to the new look because I believe it offers a handful of features that will make the site a lot better for the long run.

(Did I just say that I won't be getting a job for a long time? Yep, that's what I said.)

I'm hoping it will get better for you in a short time, but as always, I really appreciate you reading the blog.

I too believe that my story would make for a great book, but I'm guessing I will find a job before I find a publisher.

(If I ever lose my sense of humor, I am in real trouble.)

I wish you well.

Anonymous said...

Montréal Chocolatée... Interesting choice of words.

Could mean Choco Latee, as with the speciality coffee popular everywhere...

Then, "chocolatée" is in the feminine gender, which thus may apply to the writer, and meaning anything from "with a taste of chocolate" to "chocolate covered"...

I think she will have to tell you.

Anonymous said...

It's Martin, from Québec. We keep on reading... Good luck!

Anonymous said...

Actually, Montréal is feminine (a city is feminine in French) and Chocolatée is also feminine.

It's the equivalent of "Chocolaty New York"...

Anne-Marie said...

Hello Sir Bacon,

It's Anne-Marie from Montréal Chocolatée. Now what I was not able to do either is read your blog post without tearing up ! Thank you so much for your kind words regarding the blog post I wrote about you. I am glad (to not say honored) that it was a "whole lot of support" for you. I wanted people who know me, but also the many readers I don't know, to learn about the blog that I read religiously since I discovered it and that never ceases to touch me. Our situations could not be more different, I am a university student with a part time job, not fully into the "working world" yet, although I already did lose jobs for the wrong reasons/injustices in my life.

I chose to write the post in French because I am more comfortable writing in my first language, but I am glad Google translator made it possible for you to read it (the translation was almost perfect!). Let me know if you would like me to translate it myself.

And for the last mystery, as a previous comment stated, Montréal is feminine, so it justifies the extra "e" at the end of "Chocolatée" in French. The closet translation would be "Montreal Chocolaty". The name is also a reference to my (and my fellow bloggers) love for chocolate and of course Montreal.

It's an honor to be named on your site Sir Bacon, and like I wrote already, I wish you the best of luck, with everything.

Ohiofarmgirl said...

Hi! Oh I love this - both the post, the new comments (it works!)...and golly, I sure believe in Bacon... you and the real pork kind.

I mentioned in my FB note that lots of people have started over. Once they get to their new lives its easy to look back and say 'yeah whatever' to that old life.. but being in the thick of it is really hard. I cried for three days straight at the worst point. Straight. But check me out.. my life is totally different. Its a great opportunity - to change your whole life. Most people wait until they retire.. you beat 'em all to it. I can't wait to see where you land.