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11 March 2010

The Waiting Game

Tom Petty wasn’t kidding when he said the waiting is the hardest part.

Of course, its only been eight days -- who’s counting -- since I had my great job interview in New York City.

Compared to the nearly 16 months I’ve been out of a job, I guess I should be able to chill out for one more week.

But considering how well last week seemed to go, you can’t blame me for being a little impatient.

I had five interviews last Wednesday with several members of the company I hope to work for, from eleven in the morning until nearly six that night.

It was a very long day, but boy did it feel good to be back in an office again.

I had grown up conversations about the industry I love and they seemed to truly care about what I had to say.

When I left the building, I had no idea if a job would be in my future, but I certainly felt like I had done everything I could to make it happen.

That night, I spoke with a very supportive friend until 1:30 in the morning and I kept hearing how that company would be lucky to have me.

I heard it so much, that I actually started believing it.

You could certainly say my confidence was flying high.

Well, cue up Blood, Sweat & Tears on the 8-track, because what goes up, must come down?

My spinning wheel has been in a free fall since then.

Not hearing anything on Day 1 was no big deal.

Not hearing anything on Day 2 got me thinking.

Day 3 & Day 4 were weekend days, so I let that pass.

Not hearing anything on Day 5 had me worried.

Not hearing anything on Day 6 broke my confidence.

Not hearing anything on Day 7 put me in denial.

Not hearing anything on Day 8 sucks.

I do realize that I am not the only thing on their to-do list, but considering what this job would mean to me and my family, I’m just hoping I’m still in their thoughts.

Considering the extremely challenging circumstances these days in getting a job interview, no less a job, this is definitely an opportunity that I don’t want to see pass.

When I got back to my hotel after the interview, I immediately fired off, ooh bad choice of words, I immediately emailed the five people I met to thank them for their time.

My glass half full side would like to celebrate the one person who replied back to me.

The realistic side wasn’t as happy.

I know, I know...

...patience is a virtue and...

these things take time and...

keep thinking good thoughts.

Well, I am still thinking good thoughts and I am confident something will happen and I am being as patient as humanly possible, but with every moment that passes that I hear NOTHING, that’s not good.

It may not be bad, but it’s not good.

Several of my close friends have asked if I've heard anything from NYC and of course, that just opens a bleeding wound.

I would definitely rather have my friends ask than not ask, but sitting here without a job and with just one line in the lake, I’m not holding out much hope.

My confidence to do the job is as high as ever.

My confidence to get a job is not.

4 comments: / Blogs Google said...

Great Blog!

I understand your feeling and as you said in the closing:
"My confidence to do the job is as high as ever.
My confidence to get a job is not."

After a while we lost every once of confidence to get a new job.
But I think that we have a destiny and that some days are luckier
than other. You could feel it when "Lady Luck" is on your side.
An one thing for sure, life cannot be all bad luck and tragedy!

In fact you wrote a phrase about your mother that reach me
and that I still have in my mind since I read your blog:

" My mother is a warm, loving person, who has lived an unbelievable life,
full of triumph and tragedy."

Triumph and tragedy! That is what life is about.

Good luck with New York!

Bernard Bujold

Anonymous said...

All of us North and South of Foothill are pulling for you, Sir Bacon!
You've heard every trite expression of patience and hope, so I suggest you up your treadmill/elliptical time, dive into a book, cook a new meal, clean the garage, pick up a second language, learn MLB's Basic Agreement, clarify the new tax laws for the layperson, help Toyota find a way to stop their cars, write letters to politicians to stop acting like children and do their jobs, and hug your loving wife and beautiful children; celebrating their lives and how wonderful it is to have them with you along for the ride. Maybe by then, they will get back to you.

Rukmani said...

Sir mom always tells me whatever happens...happens for good. Sometimes things don't go our way coz destiny has planned something better :-)

Anonymous said...

I never understood that. If a company thinks enough of someone to bring them in for an interview the least they can do is somehow inform that person they won't be hiring them if they make that decision. Far too many times they leave the person "hanging" and wondering although deep down inside "No News is NOT Good News." This company paid to fly you there, put you in a hotel for a few days and treated you to a meal and more. I hope they let you know one way or another but the way companies are these dayd..........que sera sera.