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01 March 2010

a BIG week

I’m not sure yet if that's a light at the end of this unemployment tunnel or a locomotive train, but one thing for sure...

...this is going to be a VERY important week for me.

Tomorrow I am headed east for two days of meetings with a company that I am VERY excited to be meeting with.

CAPITALS can be VERY effective.

Day 1 is with a bunch of executives and the head of human resources.

Day 2 is with the President of the company.

I hope I have two clean white shirts.

From my standpoint, this process is simple.

They say, “would you ____?” and I say “YES!”.

Ok, maybe the blank part is important (and maybe it isn’t).

The other twist in my week started today with some email dialogue with a local company.

Last week they posted a job that speaks right to my background.

If it was 10 years ago.

I felt kinda dirty today pitching my “25 years of experience”, “relentless work ethic” and “passion for the business” as something they could definitely find valuable.

Sales has never been my forte.

But it had to be done and for now, I have a feeling that they are at least considering me for the job.

A job that they would probably rather fill with someone straight out of college.

Either way, after throwing my lines out for the last 15 months, it feels great to finally see a fish.

At least they look like fish. It’s getting cold out here.

Part of my day today preparing for the big trip was making a stop at my mother’s assisted living facility. For those of you who have been kind enough to read all of my blogs, she is doing GREAT.

(If you missed it, this is probably my favorite previous entry:

Sorry for that. The rest of this blog will be commercial free.

At the end of our visit, which included her telling me that she was just asked to be part of a choir AND she told me that she is the best trivial pursuit player in the building AND she needs a green outfit for the St. Patrick’s Day Party, I asked if I should keep my soul patch for the east coast interview.

Granted, there were probably about four million more important questions that I could’ve asked her, but style is important, right?

“It looks like you might be on the other side.”


Did my 80-year old mom just call me gay?

Not that there is anything wrong with it.

“No, it just makes you look like you could have piercings or tattoos.”

Oh. Ok. I think.

She went on to say that this job would make everything complete in my life and that it’s time for me to take care of myself instead of taking care of everyone else.

With that kind of passion, maybe she should be interviewing for the job.

Mom is always good for a positive reinforcement and today’s trip down Optimistic Avenue ended with her giving me two thumbs up.

To be honest, it really doesn’t take a whole lot of a lead to get me excited about working again. But as I said, this long distance opportunity has got me VERY excited.

I know it could be a long fall if things don’t go well this week, but I’m drinking from the half-full part of the glass and wishing for the best.

Whatever that is.

Gotta go. It's time to shave.

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Roxy said...

Hi! I'm going on vacation and will be back Monday...Hoping to read a good news at this blog the moment I'm back...Good luck!