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03 March 2010

A Hot Meal

I just peed my pants.

Well not literally, that would be gross, but I am that excited.

I just finished a GREAT lunch meeting with the man I hope will be my next boss.

The 78-minute meal flew by in about seven seconds, at least for me.

I warmed up with a reference to his favorite baseball team, then quickly got down to business.

On page 19 of "How to Get a Job through Comedy" it says when you get an audience with the Pope, don't waste too much time on "a rabbi walks into a bar" jokes.

Several times during our discussion, he said "that's a really good point."

Not, that's a good point, but that's a REALLY good point.


Yes I realize it is way too early to get excited, but hey, at this point in the poker tournament, I'm all in.

If nothing comes out of this, I will be no worse off than I was yesterday.

My favorite Dylan quote of all-time just could be, "when you ain't got nothin, you got nothin to lose" and when it comes to a job...

... I got nothin.

In case you were wondering, lunch was very good. He had the snapper, I had the Cobb Salad.

Several, as in at least 10 times during the meal, his phone buzzed.

He glanced down to see who it was about six times -- who's counting -- but he picked up the phone exactly none of them.

So either that's a great sign or he was really enjoying the snapper.

I made sure to order dessert (and Cappucino) to prolong the meal (and discussion).

Plus he was paying.

At one point I mentioned that I've been writing a blog on my journey through unemployment.

I figured it would show that I am creative and highly motivated.

I was hoping he wouldn't ask for the link -- which he didn't.

(I would hate for the 11th sentence on my 17th entry to cost me a job, but he seemed genuinely impressed, so mission accomplished.)

After I finished my final bite of Sweet Potato Pie, he asked me to handicap the upcoming baseball season.

I guess my opening comment paid off too.

As we left to get me to my next meeting, he said to make sure I stopped by his office on the way out.

Good sign, right? Or did he just want security to know where I was?

Either way, I am having a great day.

I can't wait for dinner.


Anonymous said...

We're all pulling for you!
Whomever hires you will be getting a great return on their investment!

Anonymous said...

Good luck and if you have a problem of peeing in your pants you should consider getting a job working for Depends - so you can get plenty of free product :-) I agree with the other comment we are all pulling for you. After reading about your vegas experience hopefully this new job is near an In-N-Out :-)

Seigneur said...

Best of luck to you sir.