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06 March 2010

Oh Canada

I have always considered myself somewhat of a Canadian.

I definitely love being an American, but Canada has always held a special place in my heart.

My wife and I had a blast river rafting in Whistler.

There was nothing like the Smoked Meat at Ben's Deli in Montreal.

And the Quebec Nordiques will always be dear to me.


I have enjoyed many memorable moments in the Great White North, but this morning my relationship with Canada reached another level.

Uh-boat a week ago I got an email from Nicolas, who said he enjoyed my blog and wanted to write about it in the French Newspaper, La Presse.

Little did I know that it was one of the biggest papers in Canada.

I hadn't heard of La Presse, although on a trip to Quebec City in the early 90's I do recall buying a French paper to read about my beloved Nordiques.

Of course, the only French word I knew was fromage (cheese), so gathering info was quite the challenge.

I spoke with Nicolas for about an hour on Thursday when we discussed my life, my unemployment and my blog.

This morning his article came out.

It took about five minutes for Benoit to reach out to me.

Nine minutes later it was Mehdi.

That was followed by Louis, Oza, Yves, Duane, Michele, Guy, Sophie, Caroline, Pat, Chantal, Seigneur, Francois, another Caroline, Thalia, Andre, Martin, Sylviane, another Andre, Genevieve, Murielle and Charles-Alexandre.

Now that's a wake-up call.

The incredible and positive feedback for my blog has absolutely blown me away.

So far, "Sir Bacon" has 39 official followers on the blog, 26 on Facebook and 22 more on Twitter.

Believe me, I am not bragging, but rather pointing out that there are many wonderful people in the world.

Nobody NEEDS to read my blog, not even my close friends, but to have so many people reach out with such a sincere message of encouragement has been overwhelming.

And then factor in the most recent response, from a foreign country, speaking s foreign language and this is crazy nuts.

I definitely realize, now more than ever, that a hardship such as unemployment has no borders or boundaries.

But every and I mean EVERY response I get still amazes me.

Like the note from a man this morning who lost job and lost his marriage and he is doing what he can to provide for his daughter.

He told me that my blog made his day.

My blog made his day.

Correction Monsieur, your note made my day.

Once again I am so humbled and so appreciative of what Nicolas has done for me and apparently what I have done for others.

All I can say is Merci Beaucoup.


Sir Canadian Bacon


Anonymous said...

Hi Dear,

I've read the La Presse article today and it is a very sad situation going out there. I'm hoping for you and all the unemployed to find a job. For the currently employed (including myself) we have to hold on to our jobs and try to put some money aside and to cook more and share meals with family and friends. I wish you 'merde' (another way to say 'good luck' without to jinx it) for your job search. This journey may brings you to come and live in Canada.

Montreal, Qc, Cananda

Anonymous said...

Dear Sir Canadian Bacon,

Your unemployment and virtual journeys are very touching.

It's so very true, that even though we are not our jobs, somehow without us knowing how and when, they become our shadow. Once we lose them, we walk around shadowless, freaking people around us.

Un gros merde in your quest to find yourself as someone and not an employee :)

Montreal, Qc, Canada.

Helene said...

I just discovered your blog because I read it in La Presse. Yes it's the biggest newspaper in Québec. I was born in QC but now live in BC. I have been out of the workforce for 6 yrs now so I know how you feel when you say your day is getting the kids ready for school, grocery shopping, cleaning the house, have supper ready before doing the taxi for the kids at night. On the good side I have a husband that have a job. No complaint. I am sending good vibes your way and hopefully something will come up soon. Also about the friends, you are so right when you say that some don't keep in touch. It's when you go thru these moments in life that you know who your 'true friends' are.

What I have learned from this is that I took the time to be with my kids and enjoy every moment of it. I did not miss one hockey game, one musical, one volleyball game etc. I was at all the school concerts. I decided to volunteer in the community and this can change your perspective of life. It changes the way you see how fortunate you are, at the end of day, to have a good health and a great family. You can teach so many life lessons to your kids. Also we did more camping, home cooked meals, movie nights at the house... Two of my kids are now at universities and they still cook their meals. They still volunteer and still do activities that are not too expensive. They learned a lot from this way of living. Their best memories are camping trips with the family.

One day my 6 feet son of 16 yrs old said: Thank you mom for being home and greeting us after school.

That Made my Day.



Anonymous said...

Great Blog, amazing story.

When younger my dad being unemployed he decided to move to Florida for some work. Now maybe a move to Canada might be whats needed for alot of people like you, time for us Canadians to return the favor.

Bonne chance

Montreal, Canada

Anonymous said...

You did misspell Monsieur, but the is only the first mistake of today's posting.

"Nobody NEEDS to read my blog, not even my close friends, but to have so many people reach out with such a sincere message of encouragement has been overwhelming."

Actually, we DO need to read your blog because we are all pulling for you.

Anonymous said...

Glad to hear you are now Canadian Bacon since I like that on a pizza along with Pineapple. Canada is a beautiful country and Vancouver might be the most beautiful spot in the world. Either that or the parking lot at Le Colisse in December after a Nordiques game with a few of your friends :-)

Anonymous said...

Just dropping by after reading the article this morning in La Presse to give you a thumbs up for your blog and to you. The article was a good text, really made me see your situation and the sucky feelings we all get sometimes when nothing seem to go our way, not even the stupidest thing like a shopping bag breaking open.
But, like Red Green said: Remember, were all in this together, im pulling for ya, so keep your stick on the ice!

You are always welcome to come back here, now that we know you dont be shy!

JJ from Montréal

Anonymous said...

Excuse my English, I'm not really bilingual.
I translated my text translation on google!
I also lost my job as a technician in a television station in Montreal.
I found myself in your words in the article in La Presse.
I dropped the middle of the television ... too complicated.
I wish you a good job and I will read your blog! Even if I do not understand everything!

A Francophone Montreal non-bilingual!

Anonymous said...

Very inspiring,

I also read your story from La Presse.

Don't forget, someday all those anxious moments will be behind you - keep courage and faith, my friend.


V said...

I've been reading your blog for the last hour and I wish you the best for the future! I'll continue to follow you, I really like your type of writing.

We are from Montreal and we moved in Silicon Valley last year. I'm in the same situation as you, the times are hard these days!

Courage mon ami :-)