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01 January 2010

The Journey to Unemployment

January 1, 2010

Today is the first day of the new year, the first day of the new decade and hopefully the first day of a new life.

I enter 2010, like one of many million Americans, whose office door was slammed in my face, through no fault of my own, leaving me unemployed and unhappy.

There are a lot of ways to fight back, but in the best interest of sanity (and staying off the top 10 most wanted list), I am taking a different approach -- writing a daily blog.

This desire to express myself has been burning inside of me like a forest fire from the moment I was told, over the phone, 13 months ago, that my services were no longer needed.

For me, it took a $1 movie rental to help me find my way. I’m not sure that “Julie & Julia” will ever make its way into my DVD player again, but to see how one person’s choice of expression inspired her was enough for me.

Unfortunately for you, and me, there will be no Beef Bourguignon on this blog, but the recipe here is to connect with you, as I take this unpleasant journey through unemployment.

This blogesphere is a brave new world for me, but one that will hopefully be very therapeutic. The opportunity to say what I want, when I want, how I want, is one that I am very much looking forward to doing.

I am a 42-year old father of three who has accomplished a tremendous amount in my 25-years in the working world. I have been honored several times with national awards that “really didn’t matter to me”, until I won of course.

I am just as motivated as the first time I walked into the workplace, but to find that workplace doesn’t want me anymore and that the people I once called friends won’t respond to me anymore is what really hurt.

With so many new colleagues in this same broken down boat, I am hoping we can keep our head above the water until the Coast Guard arrives, and stay motivated to find the new world of happiness.

For some of us, that may someday mean a return to the industry that we have called home for most of our life. Even if that industry has left us battered and bruised, like an abused spouse who can’t manage to leave the comfort zone of their battleground home.

For others, it may just mean a new world. A new job. A new industry or perhaps, just a new direction.

On this, the first day of the new year, I am joining a new year’s day movement that is more deep in tradition than watching the Rose Bowl Parade -- I am making a resolution -- to write a blog.

Welcome to my new journey. I hope you enjoy the ride.


Anonymous said...

I think I read on Business Insider that you *are* a television producer. I say are, because a producer is a rare breed. I should know, I am one too. I have had to rely on my wile and wits to produce all sorts of things. not TV, but other things that are also media related. Like you I worked hard and I also won some awards. They came at the cost of many late nights, weekends, bleeding, crying, the gnashing of teeth the clawing at reality that deadlines were surely killing me and my sanity.

But i enjoyed the impossibilities thrown in front of me, the incompetencies of my superiors, colleagues and the guy who cut me off on the way to work.

Yet going back to colleagues; it does cut the deepest when you know that there were many others that you worked hard for, even the juniors, who came to you for help, cried on your shoulder, whom you picked up and carried along and they still have their positions open and are flourishing off the back of your work, how they suddenly turn away and show you what ungrateful trolls people can become. Maybe I feel a little bitterness. Probably I do, yet I know this much. I can do what they can't and never will be able to do. The same probably applies to you. They'll meet their day when they too get to realise where and what they've come from.

So ... let's march on! :)

Anonymous said...

A mutual friend pointed me to your blog, Sir Bacon123 - what can I say, but 'courage' and 'congratulations'. Unemployment in our business (I'm a TV producer also - the only business I know) is a dirty dirty word so bravo to you for shining a spotlight on it and its effect on your relationships, your psyche, your life. I have a few years on you, which makes me an absolute dinosaur in an industry populated by 'executive producers' who could be my son or daughter and who wouldn't dare associate themselves with (i.e. hire) somebody who they perceive as threat, rather than an asset, simply by virtue of having spent more time on this planet, logging years of valuable experience in this business. Your story only goes to reinforce the truths of which I remind myself almost daily - a) talent and integrity don't always win out, b) I'm the luckiest person I know - ok talented, yes, but lucky too - and c) it could all change tomorrow. If more of our younger 'colleagues' bore point 'c' in mind, perhaps they'd be more humbled by your experience and, at least, figuratively, walk a mile in your shoes rather than turn their backs and judge. Your story has touched me and I truly wish you success in your search for a rewarding & fulfilling 'next chapter' - might sound trite but it's sincere. Cheers....

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