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27 January 2010

Father Knows Best

When my father passed away nearly eight years ago, I lost a lot.

I lost a friend, a father, a fan, but most of all I lost a voice of reason.

Many of our conversations included nothing but sports and “how are you”, but somehow I ALWAYS walked away learning something.

I learned that reading an online newspaper wasn’t as informative as getting the ink on your hands.

I learned that non-fat frozen yogurt was good for you, but ice cream wasn’t.

But most of all, I learned about life.

One of the many lessons that I still use to this day is when there is a big decision to be made, take a piece of paper and write the good things in one column and the bad things in the other.

Majority wins.

Well, it’s not always that simple, but it sure does make sense.

In the last eight years, I’ve had several opportunities to apply his words, even without being able to hear his voice.

A month after he died, I was offered a job to work for his old company. It would’ve meant relocating, my wife leaving her job and my family taking a leap of faith.

Honestly, I think the job offer was a coping mechanism for the owner of the company. He and my dad had been friends for more than 40 years.

I got cheated. He was only with me for 35.

I thought long and hard about making the change, but ultimately, the bad outnumbered the good and I took a pass -- a decision that proved to be correct.

Throughout my current days as a member of the unemployed, I have searched for faith in any shape and color.

If you are not careful, EVERYTHING seems like a sign.

Today it was more than a sign, it was real. A real job interview -- my first since becoming unemployed 14 months ago.

It was for a job with a hunting company. A good friend of mine works there and he suggested me for the job.

In case you missed my Blog #14, I a Jewish and this just in, Jews don’t hunt.

I took the interview knowing that I could certainly do the job, but I didn’t know if I really wanted it.

The interview went very well, the company seems sharp and the job would definitely help pay the bills.

But there was a moment midway through the interview that really caught my attention:

“If I gave you a gun, would you shoot an animal?”


I’ve been asked a lot of questions before, but never that one.

My immediate response was “it’s not at the top of my list”, which is true.

Now don’t get me wrong, I would pretty much eat anything that was put on my dinner plate, but how it got there is another story.

Honestly, I don’t know the real answer to his question.

I’ve never tried hunting and I really don’t miss it. I know A LOT of people enjoy killing animals, I just may not be one of them.

While a formal offer has not been extended to me, I left with the feeling like the job could be mine.

If it is, I guess it’ll be time to take out the pen and paper.

Thanks Dad.

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Anonymous said...

I've now read a few of your posts and I must say that I am enjoying them.

I too am unemployed. Let's start a club! We can charge a membership fee ... for employed people to gloat at us ... [and basically they'll be paying us ... this is an age of paid content now, so they'll pay dearly too and love us for it.] ... meanwhile ... our stash will be secretly hidden away in some far away country ... we'll still be unemployed and lamenting the fact. Meanwhile ... well ... cocktails?

On a less serious note, I am now at a certain stage where I am laughing. Laughing at the ridiculousness of the situation. I'm highly qualified with oodles of experience to back that up and for the love of whatever and wherever and however ... I am not getting anywhere. Granted I am in Month 3 ... I am just wondering to myself how this all works.

Anyway thank you very much for your blogging. For whatever it counts, it does give me a reason to smile.