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03 February 2010

Expect the Unexpected

A hangover has never felt so good.

Yesterday at this exact time, I was the unemployed writer of a blog on my journey through unemployment.

I had one follower and a handful of loyal friends who were following along.

Today I am still unemployed, but am incredibly overwhelmed by the reaction to my blog being posted at

More than 16,000 hits later, plus a bunch of comments -- some of which that were even positive -- and now I have 13 followers.

It has never been my goal to become the most popular unemployed guy in America, but after writing a couple of blogs, I was really hoping that my journey could inspire others with similar stories.

That being said, I never expected this.

I never expected to hear from a lady “in her 40’s”, who was unemployed for eight months before having to move her family across the country to take the only job she had been offered.

She said that she “sincerely hopes that something positive comes to me as a result of my blog”.

Thank you and it already has.

I never expected to hear from a sweet girl in LA who said she “has nothing” (no husband, no boyfriend, no job), but it helps to read that "the grass isn’t as green as it looks over there".

I never expected to hear from an anonymous person who said they are in “virtually the same situation” -- 40 years old with 2 kids and a supportive wife -- who was let go from his company during a “Restructuring” after 16-years of pouring out his heart and soul.

I never expected to hear from a stranger in Michigan who said they are rooting for me and thanked me for putting this on the web.

I never expected to hear from a girl in Vancouver who said that “even us employed people can relate to your journey.” She thanked me and said that there a whole team of people rooting for me now.

I never expected to hear from a man in England who said it “does cut the deepest when you know there were many others you worked hard for, even the juniors, who came to you for help, cried on your shoulder, whom you picked up and carried along and they have their positions open and are flourishing off the back of your work, how they suddenly turn away and show you what ungrateful trolls people can become”.

I never expected to hear from an anonymous person who said that my story has touched them and congratulated me for my “courage”.

I never expected to hear from a man who said he read my entire blog, complimented my writing and suggested I pursue it as my next career.

I never expected to hear that I should be on twitter.

I never expected to hear from someone in New Zealand who suggested I start my own business so that I am not “at the mercy of others”.

I never expected to hear from a man who is trying to put together a TV show and just wanted to talk about my experiences.

I never expected to hear from someone in month three of their unemployment who said my blog gives them “reason to smile.”

I never expected to hear from someone who said my blog was “inspiring”.

And then they thanked me.


No, thank you!


Lindsey Lou! said...

Hi Sir Bacon, I read about your blog at and then read through some posts. Interesting content. I haven't been laid off, yet. I work at a catering company that is a contracted by another company and word on the street is that our contract will not be renewed this April. I've sort of known this for the past couple of months, and I've found only one paying gig (2 months long, ends this month, I'm a writer) in the last four months. I'm terrified that I won't be able to find something in time, and yes, I've been searching high and low for jobs in my career field because I REFUSE to work a crumby job as an accountant ever again. But most people don't want to pay for quality work and there's just not that much work in my city, so maybe i'll take an office job or something if it's a lateral or upward move. You know?

Sir Bacon said...

Hi Lindsey Lou...

Thank you for taking the time to read my blog.

I am far from an expert -- at this point -- but what I have learned through my situation is you do what YOU have to do.

I am fortunate, for the time being, that I don't need to jump right back into a job I don't want, but it's only a matter of time. For now, we are going to live on my wife's first grade teaching salary. (That should last about a week, right?)

I will say, through my experience, if there are any rumors that a layoff is coming, be prepared.

There were rumors at my company for six months, of course denied by upper management, and then one day, everybody was let go with NO notice.

Don't work scared, but work smart and if you find something that is better for your life, take it.

Just one man's thought.

Anonymous said...

Well if you had any sense, you would take this football you've been handed and run with it! Why aren't you selling ad space on your blog?

Rather than whine about being unemployed, you should be looking to monetize your newfound notoriety.

Sure, blogging isn't going to make you rich, but it's survival of the fittest right now.

Anonymous said...

Great blog,very well written, and entertaining.
I've been working at the same place for over 30 years.
With business down,there have been layoffs here.I mean cut to the bone.Used to have 136 people on the floor,I count 13 now.
I put your blog in my favs.
See ya tommorow.


hari said...

You now have another follower. I am sure that it helps for you to lay your feelings on the table, but you do it in such a humorous and honest manner. I wish you all the best in finding a job that will bring you happiness for the next quarter century.

My hubby and I gave up the rat race in '02 and moved to France and we love it. We're not rich but we sure are happy.


Running.on.Mike said...

Sir Bacon,
I stumbled across your blog from the Business Insider earlier this month. Your blog summary caught my eye. I've enjoyed reading your blog. I like your writing style and your points of view.

I can relate to you. I'm 47, father of 3 but still employed. I've gone into a somewhat defensive mode with business turning bad 18 months ago. Cutting down my spending, being more cautious about purchases, working a little harder and longer, etc. We laid off 3000 people last year. I hope that was the worse of it but today, our CEO was fired which shook everyone's confidence. We keep at it just hoping that things in the economies do improve. It seems to be, so I am optimistic.

I wish you well in your journey Sir Bacon. Thank you for sharing your experience.

Mike from Vancouver, Canada.

Robbin said...

I am suppose to be writing a business plan and somehow veered off my path and found this blog. I feel badly you were laid off. I work in IT and a designer, therefore being laid off is normal for me, I average 10 months, I usually find work a few weeks, or few months after the pink slip.

This time, I fell and broke my arm. I am not looking for a job, I am writing a business plan, just finished a provisional patent. I have had it. DONE! I am trying to figure a way to contribute to the economy. Thank goodness I broke my arm and I can't really move (no cast for this break). We, the people of this country need to take back what has been given away.

Good luck on your journey and your blog.
Best of luck to you.