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22 February 2010

My Little Mitzvah

According to, the first definition of karma is:

  • action, seen as bringing upon oneself inevitable results, good or bad, either in this life or in a reincarnation

Based on that, I definitely believe in karma.

I wouldn’t say that I spend a whole lot of time thinking or worrying about it, but I definitely try to do what’s right, believing that in the end, the good people win and the bad people don’t.

That theory has been tested, oh, about nine million times since I was forced out of work nearly 15 months ago.

Why are the people who did this still working, while so many of us are not?

What kind of karma is that?

Well, the third definition of our word of the day, is:

  • fate; destiny

I guess, there’s still time for the good guys to win.

This morning, as my wife left for school, she asked if I would be able to make a doctor’s appointment today for our six-year old, who had developed a rash.

Considering the empty lines on my daily planner, I was excited to have something significant to do.

The news at the doctor’s office was all good. He mentioned something about how her follicles were enflamed, but that a little over-the-counter hydrocortisone cream should do the trick.

As we drove out of the parking lot to take my daughter back to school, I noticed something on the hood of my car.

Taking a closer look, it was somebody’s wallet.

Our appointment was in a two-building medical complex, each four stories high, so finding the owner of the wallet was not really an option. In addition, there is no reception area, so I had no place to leave it.

I explained to my six-year old that we needed to find the owner so that someday someone would do something nice for us.

I figured explaining karma would be a much more difficult concept.

I looked through the wallet, but I couldn’t find a phone number, just a driver’s license, credit card, library card and medicare card.

No problem, I would just look online and grab her phone number. That’s what the internet is for, right?

Strike one.

So, I then called her credit card company to see if they would be able to get ahold of her, which they said they would try.

As luck would have it, when I dropped my daughter off at school, there was a police officer in the parking lot.

I explained my situation and the officer tracked down a phone number. When I called, I got an answering machine with a man’s voice on it, but I left a message just in case.

A couple hours later, a VERY appreciative Mary returned my call.

We agreed to meet at a nearby Starbucks and when I got there, she was waiting in her car, with the motor running.

I smiled and handed her the wallet. She immediately reached out and gave me an envelope.

No thanks, I said, “that’s not necessary”.

She insisted, saying that there was a note that she wanted me to read and then she stuck the envelope in my hand.

Before I could say anything, she was gone.

Inside the envelope was a crisp new $20 bill, definitely an unnecessary, but much appreciated gesture.

On the outside, her note read:

  • the bible tells plainly that the man who maintains integrity of heart "‘will be blessed". It’s a blessing to me to have your example - I’m sure the police, Visa, etc. were also touched by your actions.

That sure sounds like karma to me.

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Anonymous said...

Who knows?
Maybe your good gesture will tip the psychic balance and someone will offer you a job!