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02 February 2010

The New Frontier

Early this afternoon, in the middle of my weekly therapy session, I got the alert that a new email arrived.

But this was not your normal email.

This was an email from the editor of that my blog had just been posted on his website.

I had been waiting for about two weeks for this email.

Needless to say, the tone of the therapy session changed immediately.

Normally, I turn my off ringer during the 60-minute soul searching, but for some reason, today I did not.

I guess I know the reason now.

When I reached out to, in addition to Oprah & Rosie, the New York Times & the Wall Street Journal (among others), I really didn’t expect any response.

After all, no response is what I have been getting plenty of during my long run as a member of the unemployed.

But unlike the others, I did get a response from the Henry, the editor.

He said that my blog was “interesting and often moving”.

Sounds like a compliment to me.

He also said he would publish my blog on his site -- a site that gets like two million hits per month.

The only person with more hits in a month than that is Snoop Dogg.

The opportunity to get published was something that I was VERY excited about. It was not as much about me as it was about my story.

I have spent the first 42 years of my life behind the scenes, literally.

For the last 25 years, I worked as a local, regional and national TV Producer, making the pretty people look pretty.

I was never looking for the spotlight and I am still not.

In fact, I have been writing this blog anonymously, under a nickname, “Sir Bacon”, given to me by six-year old daughter.

(P.S., I’m not sure what it means or where it came from.)

But today, my little blog about “My Journey Through Unemployment” took on a whole new level.

Within a couple of hours of being published, there were more than 10,000 hits.

To quote Seinfeld’s ex, Elaine Benes, “I am speechless. I am without speech.”

TEN THOUSAND PEOPLE took at least one second out of their life to read about my journey through unemployment.

I have always felt that my story was one that many people would connect with, but I never expected this.

I have spent more than a day in my life being cynical, so I was not surprised to read so many negative comments about my blog/my situation.

But as they say in the TV business, I don’t care if they like us or hate us as long as they watch us.

When I started writing my blog, I was doing it for me.

And I still am.

But the more I write, the more I realize that I am doing it for you too.

Well, maybe not literally you, but none of us have escaped this miserable recession. We all know somebody who has lost their job.

The opportunity to tell my story was therapeutic, for me, whether I was the only person to read it or not, but it didn’t take long for me to realize that it could be therapeutic for others as well.

Thank you to Henry for giving me the platform.

Thank you to you for traveling on my journey.


Berend de Boer said...

I've spend a few more than one second to read it all. My compliments, you can write. Ever looked at jobs in semi-technical writing? I.e. explaining things? Lots of websites sorely need a hand to improve what they're saying.

Kevin Brehm said...

Great work ...After reading the blurb on, I read every post you've done to date. Have you considered going on Twitter too? Good luck with your journey!

"That which does not kill us makes us stronger."

- Friedrich Nietzsche

Anonymous said...

Another BI reader here. Have you considered enabling ads on your blog? You may as well monetize your growing traffic. Best of luck in your current and future endeavors.


Anonymous said...

I am from New Zealand. Things aren't so bad here but they are bad - and getting worse.

I suggest you start your own business. That's what I did. It doesn't need to be big or scary or take any money. Writing marketing copy, ads on your blog, selling coffee from a van at events. Looking for an idea that makes money from, what I think will be a slow decline in the world economy, will be the best thing. Maybe a site where people can rent things to others for a few days so they dont need to buy new things would be good.

Working for someone else - you're always going to be at the mercy of others and factors you can't control.

Good luck. - (Un)Employment Network said...

Hey - love the blog. Join us over at The 405 Club (Un)employment Support Network we should also get you featured in our Sunday Blog Brunch feature. Just fill out these questions:

The 405 Club: on $405/week for unemployment but rich in talent!

Anonymous said...

You are connecting with people. You certainly connected with me. We are in virtually the same situation.I'm 40 with 2 kids and a very supportive wife. I had a successful 16 year career going until the day the company I had poured my heart and soul into had a thug with more tattoo's than brains escort me out of the building. They called it 'Restructuring' but it sure felt like being fired. Like you, I tried to appreciate the new found time with my family. I had some good days and some bad. I tell myself I'm a better man for the experience but I'm not really convinced. It helps a lot to know I'm not alone. Thanks !