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07 March 2010

Mon Nouvel Amour, Part Deux

Let’s face it, we all just want to be loved.

Whether its a spouse, a boss, a secret admirer or 50+ French-Canadians we’ve never met before.

We all just want to be loved.

Well, I officially feel loved.

Thanks to Nicolas’ article in La Presse Saturday, I will never have to buy my own Pomme Frites at a Trois-Rivieres Junior Hockey game again.

Chicoutimi could be another story.

I have been absolutely blown away by the incredible response from our friends to the north.

From sweet Murielle, who sent me a beautiful note, all in French (a language unfortunately I do not speak), to my new buddy Martin, who just wanted to wish me luck and courage.

The overwhelming message is very clear -- I am not alone.

When Mylene tells me that her husband lost his job in 2009. Check.

And he is 42. Check.

And they’ve been together for 15 years. Check.

I am reminded again that my story is one that connects with others.

And then she says that I am now one of her favorites. I melted.

Or how about the handful of wonderful French-Canadians, who admitted they don’t speak much English, but still took the time and did the best they could to show their support using the language of love.

The postings at the bottom of my blogs have never been so busy.

My confidence has never been so high.

I realize it is “just a blog” and the $60 worth of groceries I bought at the store today are probably coming out of my kids college fund, but I can smell something special cooking here.

Or maybe it’s just burnt toast. We shall see.

But the bottom line is there are a lot of us in this boat and its up to us whether we sink or swim.

Bernard told me that he “saw the same path.”

Helene reminded me to enjoy every moment I am home with my kids.

Louise said that unemployment really brings out your true friends.

Chantal’s severance will end at the end of May.

She says she is starting over for the 4th time. She has been a nurse, a restaurant manager and an air traffic controller, all the while raising an adopted nine-year old son with Fetal Alcohol Syndrome.

This just in. I have NOTHING to complain about.

And then there was Genevieve.

She said my children are very fortunate to have me as a father and she called me strong and brave.

Unemployed? Yes.

Strong and brave? Thank you, but that’s where I draw the line.

The single mothers who provide for their children without any support are strong.

The millions of men and women in this world who put their life on the line every day are brave.

I am just lucky.

And loved.


Andre said...

It's funny! I see you the way Geneviève sees you: strong and brave. Brave because you shamelessly uncover your should and talk about your flaws and imperfections and fears. Strong because you don't give up. Your story helps us see what we can do to better our own situation and it gives us hope.
Thank you!!!! And I hope you get that job you interviewed for in NYC.

Helene said...

This is so nice of you to have written this post and taken the time to mention every one. What a nice touch. Yes you do touch people with your story and I'm glad you shared it. You are not the only one out there but took the time to talk about it. I wish there was more people that had the strength to do it. We are all humans and at the end of the day we all need to feel the love and the support even from 'cyber friends'.

Wish you luck with the job.