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14 April 2010

To Sir, With Love

There are as many emotions in unemployment as there are colors in the rainbow.
Today, I am feeling them all.
Anticipation, excitement, fear, sadness, excitement...
This Thursday my anonymous blog will no longer be faceless.
Last Friday morning, I woke up to five emails in my sirbacon mailbox.
Four of them said I had won the Irish lottery.
My apologies to two of my musical heroes, U2 and Sinead O’Connor, but I deleted those emails without opening them.
But it was the fifth email that informed me that I had won the American lottery.
I opened that email faster than my kids open a package from Santa.
It was from a producer at CNN, who said she enjoyed my blog and wanted me to appear on their “30-Second Pitch” segment.
For those of you at work during the day, that segment is where CNN gives unemployed people the opportunity to pitch themselves for 30 seconds to millions of viewers (and possible employers).
Actually, it wasn’t me that she was contacting, but Sir Bacon, the kind-hearted faceless blogger who has kept me sane for the last 16 weeks.
After I stopped hyperventilating, for what felt like three days, I realized the incredible opportunity that was ahead of me.
Actually it was my good friend Lisa who realized it.
My first instinct was how cool that so many people were going to get introduced to the blog.
Lisa’s the one who firmly said, “YOU ARE GOING TO GET A JOB!”
Shows you where my head is, huh?
My postings at have been amazing.  
Nearly 44,000 hits.  So far.
The article at La Presse Newspaper was incroyable.   
So many French-Canadian followers, you would think I was singing backup for Célene Dion.
But with all due respect to those two wonderful publications, in the words of James Earl Jones...
This is my opportunity to possibly return to the ranks of the employed.
But with it comes a big price.  At least for me.
With it comes the end of my safety net, called anonymity.
Now there is no way that I could go on CNN as sirbacon without saying who I really am.  
That would be stupid for me.
And there is NO way I could go on CNN as me without talking about sirbacon.   
That would be disrespectful to him.  Or me as him.
The plain and simple truth is that this is the best thing to happen to my career in the last 18 months.
I had to say yes.  Actually, I had to say YES!
Just imagine if Carrie Underwood chose to stay home instead of taking the risk and auditioning for American Idol.   
She would be so much worse off and so would our ears.
I am so excited for this opportunity I could scream, but I better save my voice.
I am so nervous for this opportunity too.
I don’t expect anyone to love sirbacon as much as I do or to even understand the power of what he has done for me.
The beauty of sirbacon is the ability to speak to you, straight from the heart, no strings attached.
I still plan on writing this blog, as sirbacon, even after I get a job.  
(Insert joke here.)
I don’t know if it will ever be the same.  But, I truly hope so.
I also hope that you get a chance to watch this Thursday morning at 10:40am ET to see the real me.
Thank you for the ride of my life.
The next stop is CNN.
We’ve got a full tank of gas and plenty of road ahead of us.


Prasad Ranatunga | ප්‍රසාද් රණතුංග said...

Dear Sir Bacon,
Wish U all the best!
I earnestly hope this will bring your "Journey Through Unemployment" to "Journey Through Employment".

Anonymous said...

This is GREAT news. Is the world ready to handle Sir Bacon coming out? Guess we will soon find out. I am happy to say I have been here almost Since Day 1. Does this mean I can get a discount on all Sir Bacon merchandise because once you appear on CNN I expect a stampede of people wanting your autograph and more. I sense Wednesday Night for you will be like Xmas eve for your 6-year-old - a lot of tossing and turning and counting the seconds until your moment arrives. Good luck and hopefully you can record it and play it here for anyone who can't see it.

Anonymous said...

Anyone who doesn't get CNN or can't watch because they are at work - this link should/might work in time for you to watch it online. No guarantees but it is better than nothing:

Pat said...

Nothing changes. Except for the job offers [plural], of course!

But what's in a name? In this blog, you opened up your heart and revealed far more to us readers than say, if we'd been co-workers for a year or two with offices at opposite ends of the floor.

We know who you are, warts and all, which matter far more than a name. Because in the end, for us readers as well as for CNN viewers, most will never meet you in the flesh.

But it does not stop us for rooting for you and wish you the best luck. For my part, I do it because, you know, I have this feeling that you are a man who actually deserves it.

Now, go get'em!


Roxy said...

I'm so excited for u sir bacon! I don't want to miss your grand TV appearance...Even though I get CNN in India, I think the program schedule is different and it won't be telecasted here. Would you be so kind as to put up a youtube link to it when you're done?

Eagerly looking forward to see the man behind the blogs who's inspired me over the last few months.

Good luck!

Rukmani, India

tag said...

Last night, a friend emailed that a mutual friend, who has been out of work since February 2008, just lost his house at a foreclosure auction.

He is an experienced computer programmer, last worked at the Pentagon. His clearances are gone because of "financial issues". He can't move in with his daughter because her townhouse is in foreclosure.

Then I check your blog before taking to the road and I find that spring flowers are coming up. I will watch for robins. Some days, I see hawks turning in the clear sky above the Potomac River.

GLTY (Good Luck to You.)

Lisa Guerrero said...

I'm sooo proud of you Benjie! (You've come out now, so I can say your name, right?) You did a great job on CNN and as someone who was lucky enough to have worked with you in the past, I can honestly say that your future employer is going to get a really gifted, passionate and hard working producer. Good luck with sorting through the offers you are sure to get!

Lisa Guerrero

Susie Evans said...

Way to go!
I can proudly join Lisa as someone who has worked with you and knows first-hand of your professional, creative, and talented work as a producer and as an executive.
(Just remember all of us little people)

joseph said...

Hey there Sir Bacon I saw you on Cnn. I appreciate watching you on Cnn, you seem very polished. I need some exposure and publicity as well to help build my Mortgage expertize I am a mortgage broker in Maryland. When you get back up there help me get into the spotlight..smiless


I am on Facebook

Joseph Ray

Anonymous said...

T.B. - GREAT to see all this come about. As someone who has known you since 1989 great to see this opportunity come about. I will let him tell you a funny story but when we spoke on his way home from the studio he told me a funny story and how his appearance ALMOST turned into a dissater. If he wasn't so familiar with how the industry works what you saw might have been awful. It was great seeing all of you in Vegas in Feb and wish I could have had dinner with you last Friday. When I sign this with my nickname - Benjie is the one who gave this to me. His kids all call me this and I love it. Can't wait for fantasy football season to begin.


tag said...

Here's the Sir Bacon 123 CNN piece.

Click on the blue
to view.

Roxy said...

Sir Bacon,

Thanks your link I got a chance to see the man who inspires me every morning. I'm pretty sure you'll be back in business after your CNN appearance.

Good Luck, God Bless.