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18 July 2010

Cell Hell

Today was a very sad day for me.
My little girl is no longer little.
She now has her first cell phone.
Ok, she is 13.  And she is taller than her mom.
But her own personal cell phone?
What did I do to deserve this!
Do you know how much texting she is going to do?
Do you know how many friends she is going to talk to?
What's next, Boys?
You can tell by the grays on my head that I am no longer young, but now...
I am officially old!
My daughter has her own phone number.
Just because EVERY other child, ten and over, has their cell phone doesn't mean we have to do it.
If every other child were to jump off the high dive, would you?
Does this mean she doesn't have to eat her vegetables any more, "because we said so"?
Or put away that pile of dirty clothes in her room...
Or pickup the dog poop...
This decision was a long time in coming, but somehow we held her off.
Until today.
Today we went to get my daughter her first phone AND trade in my wife’s dinosaur of a flip phone.
By the time we got there, my daughter had already done the research and reached her decision.
In fact, it took her about 3.6 seconds from the moment we arrived to find the one she wanted.
The phone was listed at $79.99, but if you sign up for a two-year contract, the price dropped to $29.99, with a mail-in rebate.
Or that’s what they wanted you think.
While doing more research than I did for any of my research papers, my crafty 13-year old found that if we ordered the phone through the service provider’s website, the phones were free.
The salesperson balked at first, but when she saw the puppy dog eyes, I think she caved.
Not my daughter’s puppy dog eyes, but my wife’s.
Considering she’s had the same phone since Bush was President, the first Bush, there was no way she was going to spend $29.99 on a new one.
Kinda like the other day when my friend’s 80+ year old dad nearly passed out when his son paid $2.05 for a large cup of coffee.
Imagine if he would’ve bought the $4 latte.
Within seconds the cell phone salesperson spoke to her manager and yada yada yada...
Free phones for everyone!
My wife, my daughter AND my 11-year old son.
Yep, we melted like butter.
How could we not.  It was free.
Well, free for now.
We added the kids (and their phones) to the family plan with combined minutes and UNLIMITED TEXTING.
Good move on the unlimited texting.
And the extra line for my son is only $9.99 a month.
You can barely get three Macchiatos for that.
When my son found out that he was getting a phone, too, you would’ve thought it was Christmas.
In fact, the kids were so excited that my wife told me she was glad that Santa didn’t get the kids the phone because she wanted us to get full credit.
We went out to eat after the phone store to set some serious guidelines.
IF you don’t keep your room clean...
and IF you don’t put your dishes away...
and IF you don’t, I don’t remember the third one....
...something bad is going to happen to your phone.
Yeah, something bad. 
But at that point, we could’ve asked the kids to snake the toilets and they would’ve said yes.
This was clearly one of the greatest days of their life.
I could tell by the “dad, I got a phone” big hug.
Even the six-year old was happy.
She got my wife’s old flip phone.
(Shhh... Don’t tell her the line has been disconnected.)

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