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11 May 2010

The Inside Pitch

It’s been roughly 25 days, four hours, 17 minutes and 33 seconds since my appearance on CNN’s 30-Second Pitch.
And still no job.
But who’s counting.
To be perfectly honest, I thought I would get a response from a lot of people, but I didn’t expect to get a job out of it.
The good news is I have in fact heard from A LOT of people.
The bad news, I suppose, is that I am still unemployed.
I did connect with many different people from around this great country, most showing support for my situation.
There was a wonderful lady who said I was the most inspiring person she had ever seen on that segment.   
She then offered me a job way outside of my field and WAAAAAAAAAAY outside of my comfort level.
But to have a “stranger” extend that offer, when many of my “friends” can’t even return an email, for that I will be forever grateful.
There have been several people who have expressed an interest in my writing.   (I wonder if they have actually read this blog.)
But to this point, there has been nothing more than the trading of some emails.
I did hear from Peter Anthony Holder, a 20-year on-air vet of TV & Radio in Canada.
Peter has had to reinvent himself several times and he has had great success doing so.
He is currently hosting a fantastic online program called The Stuph File, which is “an eclectic show featuring interview and odd news.”
Peter contacted me after he saw the CNN segment and asked me to be a guest on his show.
I’m not sure if I’m the eclectic, the interview or the odd part of his program, but it was a fun segment to do and I really appreciate Peter reaching out.
(There is a link to the interview posted below.)
But even with all the wonderful people, like Peter, who have contacted me after my 30 seconds of fame, there is one person who stands out.

Her name is Betsy.
Within an hour of my appearance on CNN, my new 60-year old friend wrote me a 237 word email with some very personal information.
So personal that I will leave out many of the details.
But suffice to say, Betsy shared with me the background of her own unemployment situation, the serious medical issues that she has been dealing with for several years, the need for her 35-year old son to move back home so she could afford her rent and a much understood battle with depression that she is fighting day by day.
I responded as quickly as I could and made it very clear that her situation had touched me deeply.
I also made it clear that I am not an expert in the field of advice, but I just try to speak from the heart.
I told her that we are both blessed to have our kids so close to us and that I try to take advantage of that every day.
I wanted to hug her, but my computer doesn’t offer that feature, so instead I just told her:
  • “I hope you are able to find one positive every day and maybe tomorrow you will find two.   At that rate, you life will have many rewards in a short time.”
I didn’t know what to say, but I wanted to say something.
I needed to say something.
Once again she replied almost immediately, thanking me for my note and my answer.
Thanking me?   No, thank you.
She then pointed out a couple of positive things that had happened to her recently, which made me smile (and cry at the same time).
She said when she was working, she had wished to have time off to enjoy a beautiful spring day.
Now she has that time.
“We’ve had a beautiful spring so far and I’ve been able to enjoy most of the days.  That’s another positive!,” she said.
She then thanked me again for my open heart and the gift I gave by telling my story.
Two days later, she wrote me again to list another positive moment in her life.
Tony Robbins, are you there?
If nothing more comes out of my appearance on CNN than a 12-minute interview with Peter and a friendship with Betsy, it will be a HUGE success.
The day before Mother’s Day I got another email from Betsy.

This time she was “just checking in to say hello.”
She wanted to know if I had found any work yet.
She’s still looking too, but “not to worry, I am doing other things since I have the time.”
And that’s a positive.

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Anonymous said...

Wonderful! I've been a reader / sideline cheerleader since the beginning, but it's true, you have definitely touched a lot of lives. And despite some down days (let's face it, everyone EVERYONE has down days, even if you're Angelina Jolie), you're the most positive person I have ever "met". Keep looking! The perfect job is out there! PS-I am all for you writing as a career, your blog makes us laugh and cry!