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10 June 2010

Honesty, The Best Policy?

So what is a blog?
Well, according to, a blog is:
  • An online diary
  • A personal chronological log of thoughts published on a Web page
  • Typically updated daily, blogs often reflect the personality of the author
For me, it has been all of that and A LOT more.
It has been a place where I have been able to be honest with you and honest with me, while dealing with the disappointment of a busted career and a broken heart.
It has been a place where I have been able to live and re-live the amazing moments that I’ve shared with my family in the last 18 months, thanks to that broken career.
And perhaps more than anything, it has been a place where I have connected with new friends and reconnected with old ones who have shared their stories and shared their support to help me, and them, as many of us have entered this new world of being brave.
Since I started writing this blog at the beginning of the year, I have done my best to be as honest as possible.
At first, the writings were of the anonymous nature, under a nickname given to me by my six-year old daughter for some unknown reason.
A three-minute and ten second appearance on CNN blew my cover, but it was something no unemployed blogger in his right mind would’ve turned down.
Here we are nearly six-and-a-half months into this journey and I have a dilemma.
Well, at least a dilemma in the blogging sense.
If something is happening in my life, I’ve shared it with you.
I’ve shared my moments of depression, I’ve shared my many moments of satisfaction and I’ve shared my pursuit of regaining my career.
Well that career has a chance to take a giant step forward today.
I am scheduled to speak with a VERY high-ranking person in my profession who holds the keys to what I would certainly call a “dream job.”
These opportunities don’t happen every day, at least not for me, and considering that I’ve worked with this high-ranking person before, I’d at least consider the job a possibility.
However, whether it’s a defense mechanism or not, I'm not allowing myself to get too attached to this job.
At least not yet.
I’ve attended this rodeo before and that bull can kick pretty hard.
Don’t get me wrong, I am excited.  
Let me rephrase, I AM VERY EXCITED.  
I have no doubt that I can do the job.   I have no doubt that I would be great in the job, but until it happens, it hasn’t happened.
If you’ve read my blog at least once in the past, you’ve probably got a pretty good idea that you are not going to get any more details than what I’ve already said.
But considering a phone call I had yesterday from one my closest friends and part-time reader of this blog, I’m not even sure if I should’ve written anything at all.
I realize he was playing the role of devil’s advocate, but hearing him say that a potential employer may have a problem with something that I’ve written on my blog was really disappointing.
Of course I wasn’t mad at my friend.  He was just being, a friend.
What made me mad was the fact that here I’ve finally found an outlet that has helped me survive one of the most difficult times of my life and now I need to watch my every word in my every blog?
It was never my goal to get a job because of the blog.
And it was definitely never my goal to censor my blog.
I guess I figured the two went hand-in-hand.
Perhaps I was wrong.
I hope not.


Anonymous said...

I'm hoping your dream job comes true (and that you continue to write your blog too!) fimg X

Ken Ko said...

I think if your contact is that high up, he or she would also look at the larger picture and appreciate the positive values writing a blog can have. After all, how many bloggers do you know that have touched so many otherwise blase Canadians up north and all have become your fans? Remind your contact that!

Anonymous said...

Hey potential employer,

"Loosen up, Sandy Baby - You're Too Tight!" How about worrying more about what Bacon Boy can do for you as opposed to what he has written in the past. If you are upset about him complaining about companies that have "bent him over" - get made at those companies and NOT Bacon Boy. Hire - or don't hire - Bacon on what he can do for you - not what he has posted here.

Anonymous said...

Fingers crossed and prayer for you tonight, Sir Bacon.


Anonymous said...

What does your hack lawyer friend know about being an Arteest!?!? Kissing up to The Man is no way to live! Write Free or Die!! Phi A!

Roxy said...

I think it's ur basic right...freedom of expression....don't give it up....